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Fisher Island Fitness & Wellness Center

Live Better - Feel Better

At Fisher Island Club, we are passionate about your fitness. Relax your mind, engage your muscles and make positive changes. Our members and hotel guests enjoy top-notch amenities including cutting-edge fitness equipment, the latest in group exercise classes, and personal training designed for all ages and fitness levels.

Fitness & Wellness Center at Spa Internazionale

Enjoy a wide range of classes from yoga to cross fit, cardio to Pilates, dance, spinning and more. Holistic life coaching, a gyrotonic studio and nutritionists are at your service, and our personal training initiatives include those specific to tennis, golf, weight reduction, rehabilitation and functional training.

Our fitness & wellness staff strives for you to walk out of the club excited and looking forward to your next workout.

Fitness Services

  • Hours of Operation
    • Open Daily: 6am to 9pm

      For a tour, consultation or to make an appointment please call Spa Internazionale at 305-535-6030.
  • Personal Training

    • Personal Training at Spa Internazionale

      The personal trainers at Fisher Island Club are hand selected for their education, expertise in exercise, technology and eating strategies. Whether your goal is to look better, feel better, or perform better for a specific athletic competition, trainers will enhance your optimal physiological function for peak performance. You will feel more energetic, and will have more flexibility allowing you to move more efficiently. You will even discover muscles that you never knew you had, all after your very first session.

Group Exercise

  • Cardiovascular Conditioning
    • Spinning Classes at Fitness Center

      Indoor Cycle/ Evening Spin:

      Experience riding different terrains as the instructor simulates an outdoor ride with the rhythm of great music. (55 min)

      International Dance Mix / Latin Rhythms:

      Dance to different types of American, Latin music, Salsa, Mambo, Cha-Cha, and Merengue. Prepare to loosen up and sweat! Try any dance class for the ultimate cardio workout! (55min)

      Salsa Dance:

      Lots of hip movements, fluid transitions and intricate footwork, easy to follow and even easier to enjoy learning. Salsa makes for an energetic fun time. (55 min)


      Traditional Flamenco music and movements coordinated with fun aerobic dance. (55 min)

      Baile Fit Explosion:

      This class is hot! Dance to different Latin Rhythms styles. There is a lot of shakin'shimmying and hip action going on. (55 min)

      Café Con Leche:

      Dance never tasted so good! A dance class that has the best of both worlds Hot Latin rhythms and great American tunes. Burn some serious calories with salsa, meringue, hip-hop, disco dance and more in this original dance experience! (55 min)



      In this specialty class you will learn how to dance the Argentinean Tango dance style. (55 min)
  • Sculpting & Strengthening
    • Group Classes at Fitness Center

      Sculpt & Abs

      A combination of cardio & functional training using the smart bells and hand weights. Get ready for a total cardio workout challenge. (55 min)


      Classic Sculpt

      Improve your body's muscular strength, endurance, equilibrium, core stability and postural control. (55 min)


      Start out with a great cardio warm up that totals 20 minutes conditioning then 20 minutes of upper body followed by 20 minutes of lower body work. The class uses all the tools: weights, body bars, bosu's, steps, bands and smartbells. An all over workout! (55 min)

      Sport Stretch

      Join us for a 25-minute stretch and preparation for your golf or tennis game that is designed especially for sports. You will learn a variety of stretches to open the shoulders, hips and back for those powerful swings and follow through.


      Boot Camp

      A 90-minute out door workout consisting of cardio vascular conditioning, resistance work, strength conditioning, drills, running and a variety of exercises and equipment completed with a final stretch.

      Guns & Buns

      A 30-minute upper body sculpting and a 25-minute lower body workout for beautiful toned arms & legs. (55 min)

      Circuit Blast

      A series of exercise stations maximizing repetitions for endurance and agility while building your strength. This class will really challenge your body! The stations use the latest group exercise equipment: bosu, smartbells, body bars, dumbbells, elastic bands and stability balls. (55 min)


      This program delivers fitness that by design is fast paced, with functional movements performed at high intensity. High heart rates and short rest breaks is what you get.

      Total Body Strength

      Total Body Strength & Definition® strength, endurance, balance, power and agility. Get a body that knows how to move. Using the latest group exercise equipment bosu, smartbells, body bars, dumbbells, elastic bands and stability balls. (55min)


      A 30-minute stretch class teaching appropriate stretches for restricted areas of the body and to enhance daily functioning.

      Body Sculpt

      Increase your tone and define your body with this challenging overall body workout using weights and bands. (55 min)

      Absolutely Abs

      A 25 minute intense abdominal workout.
  • Mind & Body
    • Yoga & Pilates at Fitness Center

      Pilates Mat

      Series of exercises created by Joseph Pilates. This method of exercise strengthens, defines, and challenges your body with innovative body sculpting. (55min)

      Anusara Yoga

      Using the five universal principles of alignment enables us to go deeper and safer into this yoga practice. The pace is slow and deep; balancing, strengthening, stretching and opening on all levels. Open to beginners and more advanced. (85 min)

      Hatha Yoga

      Yoga of physical well being designed to balance the mind, body, and spirit. A great class for all levels of yoga (85 min)


      Yogilates is the combination of Yoga and Pilates. With this practice, you will breathe yourself into better alignment and posture; you will develop core strength and flexibility while engaging your body, mind and spirit. (55 min levels)

      Power Pilates

      Similar to Pilates Mat but with a little more challenge. (55min)

      Healing Yoga

      Kundalini style, utilizes postures, movement, stretching and exercise along with breath sound and meditation to work all aspects of your being. Helps to calm the mind and the emotions, balance the glandular system and strengthen the nervous system. (70min)

      Vinyasa Yoga

      Combines movement & breathing to cleanse the body, to recharge it with vital energy and to help experience dynamic meditation. (85min)
  • Aqua

    • Hydro Pilates

      Pilates in the water! Strength, breathing and posture work with the help of the water. (55min)


      Water workout using props but with more challenge on the cardio, strength and toning portions. (55 min)