Fisher Island Club

Aviary & Observatory

From preening peacocks to gentle manatees, exotic wildlife has been an integral part of Fisher Island. Today, animals of all stripes and sizes make their way across the island – as common along the golf course or Beach Club as the Club’s own members. Tropical birds were a passion for Vanderbilt, who stocked Fisher Island with a vibrant array of elegant winged creatures. This spirit lives on across the island.

Many clubs promise to transport visitors “all the way to the stars,” but at Fisher Island Club, Members can literally get up close and personal with the skies above. To get there, they need just visit the Club’s fully-equipped Victor Arisdi Observatory.

The family friendly Fisher Aviary


The Fisher Island Aviary, a unique 800-square-foot bird enclosure that’s a favorite of members both young and old, is home to over 15 exotic birds. There are cockatoos and cockatiels – some trained to speak and say “hello” – along with macaws, Amazons, and conures, many of which love to interact with visitors, who swoon over their magnificently-colored feathers. Many of the birds come to the island and aviary in need of aid-rescued, adopted and rehabilitated back to their full splendor with the love and care that have made Fisher Island a haven since the Vanderbilts first called it home. In addition, dozens of wild avian species such as ducks, geese, herons, ibis, and egret also inhabit the island.


Fisher Island Club features the Victor Arsidi Observatory, completed back in 1990. The Observatory features a custom-made Ash Dome with a range of professional-level telescopes for a complete view of the planets and deep sky objects such as galaxies, nebulas and double stars, and is one of the only facilities of its kind at a resort in North America.

Accessed via a sturdy, wooden bridge leading to a tiny islet, the Observatory inhabits a white stucco structure capped by an iconic silver dome. Inside, the two main telescopes, a four-inch refractor scope and a 14-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain, are powerful enough to transport viewers into the far reaches of the cosmos – from the rings of Saturn to Jupiter’s multiple moons and all the way out to the Orion Nebula. Overseen by trained staff, the Observatory experience is intimate enough to leave every visitor with an unforgettable trip through space (Observatory open by appointment only!).

Victor Arsidi Observatory at Fisher Island Club