Spa Internazionale on Fisher Island

The Ultimate Spa Retreat Experience

Fisher Island Club’s Spa Internazionale is a full-service spa & wellness center located on our private island just off the coast of Miami Beach. Only resort hotel guests are allowed to visit this exclusive spa, which has been recognized for being ultimate luxury spa destination in Miami, Florida.

Our Mediterranean-style spa retreat has an international staff, specially trained to provide the highest level of service and the latest in therapeutic spa techniques. Our new fitness center is outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment, extensive group classes, personal training and more.

Spa Internazionale takes a personalized approach to your overall health, fitness and well-being. Renew, revitalize and rejuvenate with pampering and attention like no other place in the world.

Spa Services

  • Massage
    • Classic Swedish Massage

      A gentle full body massage designed for relaxation and to soothe tired muscles. This light-to-medium pressure massage is perfect for enhancing circulation, melting away stress and reviving your senses. A healing therapy for the mind and body. 
      (50 min. / 80 min.)

      Deep Tissue Massage

      A firmer massage recommended for those with muscle fatigue and painful knots. This massage incorporates deep compression, neuromuscular techniques, restoring you to top performance.
      (50 min. / 80 min.)

      Aromatherapy Massage

      The real traditional aromatherapy full-body massage fuses the best of massage practices from East and West. Carefully applied pressure stimulates the nervous system while Swedish and Lymphatic massage techniques; along with aromatic oils help support healthy circulation to soothe the body.
      (50 min. / 80 min.)

      Target Massage

      This therapeutic massage targets the scalp, neck, back, and shoulders. Great after travel or jet-lag.
      (25 min.)

      Therapeutic Massage

      This massage employs a combination of various techniques to restore and balance the body in its entirety. Therapeutic techniques follow the nerve, muscular and skeletal system to release stress and assist in bringing the body imbalances into harmony & wholeness.
      (60 min./ 75 min. / 90 min. / 120 min.

      Thai Massage

      Thai massage, sometimes called "yoga massage"' originated in Buddhist monasteries as a preventive health care for the monks. Using slow, gentle rocking movements, the therapist applies compression with thumbs, palms, elbows, knees and feet to stretch soft tissues and harmonize vital energies. The comforting, graceful therapy, which is given on a floor mat, leaves you relaxed, energized and more flexible. Comfortable loose-fitting or yoga-type clothing is required for this treatment service. Note: Not for those in a fragile physical condition or who are pregnant.
      (80 min. / 100 min.)

      Soothing Stone Massage

      This ancient art of healing uses elents of Mother Nature to bring relief to tense muscles, sore joints, stressed emotions and a weary spirit. Smooth, heated basalt stones are combined with massage for an exceptional Spa experience.
      (80 min.)

      Pre-Natal Massage

      Designed for the mother-to-be after the first trimester - nurtures you and your baby using special cushions and soothing relaxation techniques.
      (50 min.)


      Based on the theory that zones of the feet correspond to specific areas of the body, pressure point stimulation assists circulation, promotes balance and releases tension. Your body will breathe a sign of relief as blocks are banished and energy surges to every organ.
      (25 min.)

      Neuromuscular Massage

      This special therapy is used to stop spasms and pain by applying pressure to specific points in the muscles that are painfully irritated (trigger points). Neuromuscular massage can be helpful for chronic and acute injuries such as back, neck, sciatic, tennis elbow, etc. and incorporates pressure points to treat chronic areas.
      (25 min. / 50 min./ 80 min.)

      Swe-Thai Massage

      Swe-Thai massage is a unique style of massage that successfully and delightfully blends the relaxing strokes of the Swedish massage and the wonderful stretching techniques of traditional Thai massage on the table. Note: Not for those in a fragile physical condition or who are pregnant.
      (80 min. / 100 min.)

  • Body Excursions

    • These balancing treatments are designed to relax, detoxify, replenish & restore harmony to the body with applications of lavender, peppermint, sea clay, algae, salts and trace elements of the sea.

      Coconut Milk and Honey Wrap

      Escape to Fiji Islands wrapped in a nourishing cocoon. This beautiful treatment combines an exfoliation with coconut milk, raw sugar, and honey followed by a wrap. Enjoy a nourishing Fijian scalp massage while your body absorbs the coconut milk and honey body mask wrapped in a warm cocoon. The treatment ends with a hydrating application of Honey Body Spray.

      Coconut Milk and Honey Exfoliation

      Rejuvenate your skin with our coconut milk and honey exfoliation. Your therapist will apply a warm coconut milk and honey mixture over your body and will exfoliate with an organic mix of raw sugar and coconut oil, followed by a nurturing and hydrating application of coconut milk and honey lotion.

      Treasures of the Sea, Wellness Detox

      Lighten the load of stress and environmental factors while boosting circulation, stimulating metabolism and ridding the body of harmful toxins. Begin with a full-body exfoliation, followed by a wrap in self-heating mud high in magnesium silicates and gray sea clay that absorbs impurities and promotes deep tissue detoxification. Enjoy a scalp massage while relaxing in a cocoon of warmth. Treatment concludes with the application of ultra-nourishing body cream, leaving you feeling detoxed and re-mineralized. 
      (80 min.)

      Citrus Drench:

      Drench your skin with energizing nutrients – An exceptional treatment based on the use of ascorbic acid, orange juice and shea butter to exfoliate, treat and protect the skin from dryness and premature aging, providing the skin with spectacular rejuvenating, antioxidant and firming results from the very first session. Includes exfoliation, treatment wrap and application of treatment body cream.


      Cellulite Sculpting Body Treatment

       This powerful treatment combines the benefits of lymphatic drainage, plus deep tissue massage targeted 'cellulite' areas while using contouring, sculpting creams. This treatment detoxifies and decongests while improving circulation and revitalizing muscle tissue. A series of (6) treatments are recommended.
      (50 min. )

      Milk & Honey Bath Ritual - Room 7

      This beautiful two hour journey will rejuvenate your skin and soul. Your therapist will exfoliate your whole body with an aromatic blend of coconut milk, honey, and raw sugar that will get you ready for a soothing and tranquil soak in a warm coconut milk bath followed by a relaxing massage with an exotic Fijian coconut oil.

      The Mediterranean:

      This treatment is designed to reduce muscle fatigue and promote total relaxation. Enjoy a full-body massage along with application of self-heating sea clay mud to your back and feet or other areas of concern. Tension dissolves, leaving only comfort and well-being behind.

      O2 Body Perfection:

      This illuminating oxygen body ritual purifies and tones the skin. It commences with a gentle , yet very effective 25% body hydra peel. This exfoliates the skin, leaving it fresh and clean from life’s harmful free radicals and dead skin cells. A soothing and detoxifying body mask enriched with quinoa and chia extracts envelopes your entire body, re-mineralizing the skin, leaving it feeling fresh and pure. You will walk away with a boost of microcirculation and beautiful, tones skin.


  • Facial Indulgences

      Diamond Multisensorial Lifting

      A genuine multi-sensorial cosmetic lift. By means of a triple massage that incorporates Shiatsu techniques, an intensive myofacial massage on the facial muscles as on the skin and the gentle caress of an aroma massage, its sophisticated
      and exclusive ingredients penetrate the deepest layers of the skin to repair damaged DNA and provide the firmness
      needed for optimum regeneration.

      Age-Defying Face

      Switch the gears on the aging process. Sagging skin, fine
      lines and a dull tone are often tied to maturing skin.
      The Age-Defying Face is all about active ingredients to zero-in on these stubborn signs of aging. This facial is a structure repair treatment that addresses the underlying problems of aging at the skin’s cellular level. Targeted ingredients such as key amino acids, A-E-C Vitamins and Isoflavones work deep within the skin to compensate for the visible effects of hormonal deficiencies.
      Age-Defying Face hits reverse on the aging process by reactivating healthy cell functions and nourishing your skin’s cells with their most basic needs. The result is instantly firmer, glowing skin.

      O2 Awakening
      Infuse every pore with Oxygen Serum - A facial treatment for those showing congestion due to exposure to toxins and pollutants. Big city goers, frequent flyers and smokers can benefit greatly from this treatment. Our formula penetrates
      the skin and releases pure Oxygen molecules into the epidermal layer to re-energize natural cellular functions and eliminate toxins. A deep Oxygenation and breathing massage further decongests body and mind.


      Deep Pore-Cleansing Signature Facial

      This treatment is for congested pores and is designed to reduce oil while hydrating the skin.

      Teen Clinical Acne Treatment

      This treatment is designed to calm and correct acne-prone skin and may be used on the face, chest, or upper back. 

      Men’s Facial

      This treatment is designed specifically for men who suffer from razor irritation and congestion.

      Alpha Beta Peel Treatment

      This intermediate peel treatment is for a wide range of skin types and combines both alpha and beta hydroxy acids to minimize the appearance of surface lines, smooth out rough skin texture, aid in clearing acne, and help fade hyperpigmentation.




      The HydraFacial resurfacing procedure thoroughly cares for your skin, providing cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and hydration, including Vortex-Fusion® of antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid. The HydraFacial is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that delivers instant results with no discomfort or downtime. The procedure is immediately effective.

      HydraFacial Enhancements

      Lymphatic - Provides a gentle suction for face or body lymphatic drainage. The relaxing treatment slowly pulls the lymph from your face and drains them through your system.
      DermaBuilder-Multi Peptide - Powerful peptide complexes to help stimulate collagen production and improve cell structure strength.

      HydraFacial Special Treatments

      Light Therapy LED Blue and Red - LED Blue light helps to improve the appearance of oily/congested skin and to treat moderate inflammatory acne. LED Red light helps to reduce the appearance of redness and irritation and the signs of aging.

      Kaplan MD Lip Treatment

      This treatment will hydrate your dry, flaky, chapped lips; repair sun damage, enhance your lips’ natural fullness and protect the delicate skin with SPF 20.

      Gel Peel Treatment

      This introductory hydroxyl acid treatment is designed to minimize the appearance of surface lines, smooth out rough skin texture, aid in clearing acne, and help fade hyperpigmentation.
  • Hours of Operation
    • Open Daily: 6am - 9pm
      Holidays: 6am- 6pm

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